Ethan F. Becker is president and second-generation communication coach for the Speech Improvement Company, one of America’s oldest communication coaching and training firms. He has worked with executives at YouTube, the New York Giants, Apple, the F.B.I., Harvard University, and more. In this episode, Jason Marc Campbell and Ethan F. Becker share clear advice you can use right away and simple strategies to practice during your next meeting or one-on-one conversations. 

Dr. Ethan F. Becker is the President of The Speech Improvement Company Inc., which has helped over 1 million people worldwide and is known for founding the executive communication coaching industry in the 1960s. As a second-generation speech coach, Ethan has spent his entire life studying and teaching human communication. He helped people to lead, manage, and influence through oral communication skills. To speak with confidence from the mechanics of speech to the psychology of communication. He specializes in areas such as controlling nervousness, developing style, leadership, and sales communication. Ethan is the co-author of the international bestseller “Mastering Communication at Work, how to lead, manage and influence.” It features interviews from Harvard Business School, The White House, Bank Negara, Google, TED, EMI publishing, Boston Scientific, and more. The book also became an Amazon #1 best seller in 13 categories and is now used globally in business schools and companies.

Listen out for:

– The most common communication fears.

– How to become better at public speaking.

– How your fears affect your communication skills. 

– 4 areas that contribute to the fear of speaking.


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