‘A conspiracy theory is meant to do two things – stoke more fear and give you false certainty.’

In this special podcast, Vishen Lakhiani is joined by inventor and speaker Tom Chi, where they’ll be exploring some of the most negative and controversial COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories.

Despite popular belief, this isn’t the end of the world! There’s a hell of a lot of things to look forward to, from incredible advances in our relationship with the natural world to cutting edge drone technology for global healing: it’s all covered in this podcast.

Tune in and listen out for:

  • The BIG Question – Are Our Governments Being Too Cautious?
  • The Real Danger of the Anti-Vaccination Movement – The Truth & The Lies.
  • The chances of COVID-19 Mutation & how to reduce the risk.
  • The truth about 5G and why you shouldn’t be burning your 5G tower.
  • The cutting edge Climate Change tech for agriculture, reforestation and biodegradable plastic (that Tom is buzzing about!)
  • How Tom is working on make humanity Net-Positive to Nature and how you can contribute to that mission.

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Go to https://www.tomchi.com/ for more of Tom’s amazing podcasts and innovations.

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About Tom Chi

Tom Chi has played a significant role in world-class established projects such as Microsoft Outlook and Yahoo Search, and scaled new projects from conception to major significance.

Tom has pioneered and practiced a unique approach to rapid prototyping, visioning, and leadership that has jump-started innovative new ideas as well as moving large organizations forward at unprecedented speeds.

He most recently served as head of product experience at Google X developing technology such as Google Glass and Google’s self-driving cars.

His current focus is delving into human development issues such as climate change with social entrepreneurs around the globe, rebooting the fundamental frameworks of entrepreneurship itself, and teaching a limited number of workshops to lucky, select organizations.



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