How do you build million-dollar brands from scratch? It all begins with the disruptive innovation to fearlessly change the game. The founder of several internationally acclaimed social enterprises, Miki Agrawal, built million-dollar companies from pizza, period, pee, and poop. She’s living proof that a breakthrough idea – and the business it grows into – can come from anywhere. While there are many ways to make your mark in the industry, in this episode Miki Agrawal explains the fascinating story behind each  ‘P’ of her businesses.

Listen out for:

– Miki’s definition of fearlessness. 

– What the disruptive market is and how it helps us grow as entrepreneurs.

– The inspiration behind Miki’s business of infamous P’s. 


Miki is the founder of several acclaimed social enterprises: TUSHY, THINX, & WILD. She’s also the author of the #1 bestselling books DO COOL SH*T and DISRUPT-HER. She was named “Fast Company’s Most Creative People”, “Young Global Leader” by the World Economic Forum, and INC’s “Most Impressive Women Entrepreneurs”. She passionately speaks about her 15 years of entrepreneurial adventures – from inventing products in taboo categories, to creatively launching them, to marketing and scaling them exponentially, to dealing with shocking setbacks and she shares her colorful, authentic revelations along the way. Her creativity and disruptive innovation challenges the status quo and change the culture.   


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