Have you ever been in a situation where your reaction felt out of your control? Our special guest is about to give us a helping hand to navigate triggers with a sense of awareness and agency. Rhea Lalla is a Toronto-based Conscious Parenting and Relationship Coach who aims to help people create dreamy relationships with their loved ones. Join Vishen and Rhea in a captivating conversation on how to diffuse triggers for life.  


Listen out for:

– The real definition and source of trauma.

– How to identify our traumas from childhood and how to fix them as adults

– The 5 As that help mitigate wounds and trauma for ourselves and others.

– Tools to help us understand our triggers and learn how they can guide us to deeper healing.

– 10 powerful self-regulating practices to tame triggers, traumas, and terror.

– Live bonus Q&A session. 


Rhea Lalla is a Toronto-based Conscious Parenting and Relationship Coach, speaker, and author for parents who want to create dreamy relationships with their children and raise incredibly confident, happy, fully expressed kids who are thriving emotionally. Rhea has worked with The United Nations, UNICEF,  Mindvalley University, Children’s Aid, and Fortune 500 Companies. She creates the EQ curriculum for parents and kids at The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Schools, Schools and helps parents discover and transform whatever holds them back from creating exciting and fulfilling relationships. Her articles, live events, courses, and books have been featured on CBC radio, newspapers, TV, and numerous magazines including Elephant Journal, Today’s Parent, CityLife, MindValley Academy, Pop Expert, and Udemy. 


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