Whether you like it or not, the way you look and how you dress has a huge impact on the first time you meet someone. The right color can make you close that deal you always wanted —or not. But the right outfit doesn’t just help you look more confident and established. Our expert guest today, style and confidence coach Aya Jean, uses her experiences to help craft a unique program in her one-on-one style coaching for each of her clients that go beyond fashion, mannerisms, and overall attitude. Her main focus is on allowing her clients to see how they ultimately perceive themselves when they see their reflections. She explains that money, fame, followers, & attention will follow as a byproduct of your self-perception. In this episode, Jason Campbell and Aya talk about the secret to looking your best for work and in life. So get ready for a big change.


Aya Jean Yoshikawa was born in Tokyo to a Japanese father and a half-American half-Japanese mother. Her mother, late supermodel Saori Kishi, was best known for her Shiseido campaigns and runway shows for prominent designers, including ISSEY MIYAKE. Aya has over four decades of experience as a top fashion model during which she ran a model agency for seventeen years. Among her major clients were Shiseido, Mercedes Benz, Toyota, Nissan, Coca-Cola, Dentsu, Hakuhodo, NTT, Shueisha, and DTC. She is also the founder of the Find Your Element Workshop, in which she invited top experts from various fields to share their journeys & life skills to the English community in Tokyo. She also ran the Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation program for two years. Aya is a TEDx Speaker, an author, a creative director of suwaru co., ltd., founder of AYA JEAN Tantric Meditation with Duncan Wong, a brand influencer for The Farm at San Benito, & a designer of the luxury cashmere knit brand, AYA JEAN x HERCLE. 


Listen out for:

– Aya’s physical transformation journey.

– The importance of knowing how to dress. 

– Why it is easier to impress people online.

– How important is the first impression.

– The easiest changes you can make to look better. 

– The truth about why black is not the right color.



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