Fitness is not just about the body, but also about mental and emotional health. The key to confidence in one’s body is not the state of the body itself but the attitude towards it. In this episode, Ronan Diego shares his personal journey to health and fitness and discusses his philosophy on the subject. His philosophy emphasizes the importance of embracing one’s unique body type and using fitness as a means of conscious connection with the body.

Ronan is the Director of Health Programming at Mindvalley and a renowned expert in health and wellness. He is the creator of several Mindvalley programs, including an intermittent fasting program “Beyond Fasting”, home workout program, and co-creator of the high-intensity interval training program “10X”. Ronan is known for his unique, fun, and enlightening teaching style and has a proven track record of success in the fitness and health industry.

Ronan’s personal journey to health and fitness serves as an inspiration for those looking to improve their own health and wellness. He believes that fitness is about conscious connection with the body rather than serving the ego, and emphasizes that there is no ideal body for everyone and people should focus on understanding what their bodies need. His programs at Mindvalley are designed to help individuals achieve their health and fitness goals while maintaining a healthy mindset.

Key Takeaways:

[02:20] Ronan’s journey to health and fitness

[10:55] The danger of using fitness to serve the ego

[15:05] The importance of mindset in fitness

[18:40] Importance of showing up and fulfilling body’s potential

[20:00] Letting go of external body goals

[21:25] Ronan’s approach to fitness and health

[24:25] Overview of Ronan’s Mindvalley programs

[26:10] Mindful eating and intermittent fasting in Beyond Fasting

[29:40] Autophagy concept

[30:55] Advanced home workouts and minimum effective dose

[33:05] Inefficient pushups and effective pushups

[35:40] High-intensity interval training

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Memorable Quotes:

“Fitness is supposed to serve the body. Fitness is the capability of the body to go through stress and recover from it fast.” – Ronan Diego

“What makes people confident about their body is the attitude of showing up. Not even if the body is not in the ideal state, but you’re showing up to your body and taking care of it and saying, ‘Hey, the idea is not that I will manipulate you to become what I want it to be, but I will show up. I’ll give you my best, I will try to understand what my body needs.’” – Ronan Diego

“All that fitness is to prepare you for moments in life where really matters. You are there, healthy and strong, ready to take care of the person who you love the most because you have, we have built a body that supports you for that. I think this is health and fitness is for, it’s for to prepare you for moments that your body will provide you the resources and energy to show up for what really matters in life” – Ronan Diego

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