Today on The Mindvalley Show, we explore the connection between mental and physical transformation. Our guests are Yasir Khan and Ronan Oliveira, two dynamic fitness experts who transformed from humble beginnings to excel in the field of full body transformation. 

Yasir is the founder of TWB Gym in Dubai, a revolutionary approach to fitness that incorporates nutrition, stoicism, and personalized workouts that facilitate a complete metamorphosis of the subconscious.

Ronan Oliveira is the head of Mindvalley’s Health and Fitness and co-creator of our 10x program. He shares how growing up in fitness-obsessed Brazil influenced his approach to health and shaped his journey to creating a program that has helped over 300,000 people. 

In this episode, we discuss the mindset needed to develop discipline, habits, and a lifestyle that rewards you with your dream body. Yasir teaches you that fitness goes beyond physical exertion and breaks down the nutritional aspect of his program and how he helps break down the subconscious to rebuild a resilient mind in his clients. 

Join us as we tear down the stereotypes of fitness and discuss a new paradigm of physical and mental discipline. 

Key Takeaways:

[2:20] Humble beginnings with Yasir and Ronan

[8:00] Yasir’s world-class TYB gym 

[11:00] Neural Linguistic Programming and Stoicism 

[14:00] Activating a neutral state of mind 

[18:00] Transforming one person at a time 

[22:30] Conquering the subconscious 

[29:50] The Rolls Royce of gym equipment

[40:30] The VIP training room 

[43:00] Building the right habits 

Where to Find Yasir Khan:


Where to Find Ronan Oliveira 




Memorable Quotes:

“If you can change just one person from that,t you are going to impact everyone’s life because everyone is connected.” [21:23] -Yasir Khan

“You don’t need to remove fat from your diet in order to remove fat from your body. You need to eat  even more fat!”  [25:18] -Yasir Khan 

“The most important time of day is right before you sleep and right after you wake up, these two points set the tone of what you’re going to do in the day.” [27:30] -Yasir Khan

“It’s your hard work and it’s your transformation. If you want to improve your life and if you want to transform your life, it’s not about getting the body, it’s about the discipline and the lifestyle, because as I said, I don’t believe there are great people, but there are great habits, so you need to build those habits and that happens slowly.” [41:40] -Yasir Khan 


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