Ever wondered what the mindset of a high-achieving athlete looks like?  

There’s always a secret sauce to becoming one of the world’s most celebrated sporting stars. In today’s Mindvalley Podcast we’re joined by the legendary basketball player Reggie Jackson to shed some light on what it takes to shoot and score in basketball and in life.  

Listen out for:

  • Reggie’s daily routine for success and self-improvement.
  • An athlete’s experience of lockdown and how to deal with it healthily.
  • The science behind visualization and how to use it to achieve incredible athletic feats.
  • The surprising technique Reggie used to heal from illness. 

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About Reggie Jackson

Reginald Shon Jackson, also known as Reggie Jackson, is a professional American basketball player for the Los Angeles Clippers of the National Basketball Association (NBA). He played three seasons for the Boston College Eagles before declaring for the 2011 NBA draft where he was drafted 24th overall by the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Reggie has utilized visualization and meditation as tools to achieve his incredible athletic feats, and is a perfect example of how to combine spirituality and professionalism.




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