Are you afraid of aging?

Growing old is inevitable. But can we control how we age, have a thriving sex life and not live with pain as we grow older? Prominent biohackers today are looking to find the answers and Vishen is on board.

In his quest to search for the answers to living a healthy life until he’s 120 years-old, Vishen turned to Dr. Harry Adelson and Dr. Amy Killen of Docere Medical.

Listen out for:

  • The 3 common myths about aging
  • The 6 practices to help your body age well
  • Vishen’s personal experience with stem cell therapy

“If we’re going to go into century-long levels of aging, we want to make sure that our bodies are working fine in our later years.”
— Vishen Lakhiani

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The Guests

Dr. Harry Adelson

Dr. Harry Adelson is a leading specialist on stem cell therapy, a trained Naturopathic Physician, as well as a keynote speaker on TEDx and Mindvalley’s stage.

He has written extensively on topics surrounding regenerative therapy and has performed over 4,000 stem cell-related procedures, making him one of the most experienced world-practitioners for stem cell treatments.

Dr. Amy Killen

Dr. Amy Killen is an anti-aging and regenerative medicine physician specializing in aesthetics and sexual medicine. She has spoken internationally (including on Mindvalley’s stage) on topics surrounding stem cells, sexual longevity and skin health.

Upon gaining a fellowship in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine, Dr.Killen made it her goal to help others live longer and healthier lives through her specialty in aesthetics and sexual optimization.

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