In this episode, Bibi Brzozka focuses on a brand of sex education that schools fail to teach…

Shift your perception of sexuality and tap into the power of sex to access peak experiences in love, bliss, oneness, and healing. Filled with exciting personal anecdotes and tangible takeaways, tune into this episode to move your sexual energy, exchange it with your partner and deepen into true intimacy.    


Listen out for:

– The definition of sexual energy.

– The story of how Bibi experienced her first full-body orgasm.

– The secret to experiencing a full-body orgasm for yourself. 



After completing three Masters in Finance, Banking, and International Marketing and using fat bonuses, casual sex, and retail therapy to cover up a lack of fulfillment for 15 years, Bibi Brzozka redesigned her life completely. As she dug deep for answers on her path to self-discovery, she came across conscious sexuality and experienced her first full-body orgasm at the age of 35. Now she’s on a mission to share exactly how she did it!   



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