Sexuality is one of the most enriching and conditioning aspects of life, but, throughout history, it has been criticized, suppressed, and manipulated. Even with all the sexual liberation in the modern world, statistics show that most people end up unsatisfied.

Sexual therapist Annie Lalla joins Vishen in an awkwardness-free conversation about creating and fostering space for real sex education.    


Listen out for:

– How to react to sexual movie scenes in front of our children. 

– The right way to handle conversations about masturbation with your child.

– Why aren’t we talking about sex with our lovers?

– Does cheating exist in ethical non-monogamy?

– Live bonus Q&A session. 



With professional certifications in Emotions Coaching, NLP, and Clinical Hypnosis, Annie Lalla’s tools extend to metaphoric reframes, role-play, and interacting with clients as their highest selves. In her coaching, she helps individuals attract, create and foster great connections that maximize freedom and minimize shame. Annie works specifically with two types of people: 1) Singles who are done with dating & ready to find their life partner. 2) Couples in love wanting to resolve recurrent conflicts that erode their connection.  



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