“The people who actively, consciously create chaos are going to be the ones who lead.”

Chaos is one of the most powerful forces in creating change. It feels uncomfortable at the time, but when we learn to embrace it, we can truly harness the opportunities around us. In this talk, cultural strategist Robert Richman explains how chaos is a crucial driver of change — and the simple ways to invite more of it into your life today. This might sound bizarre, but you will change your mind after listening to this episode.

Listen out for:

  • The real definition of chaos. 
  • How to manage chaos in real life.
  • How to “destroy” chaos.


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About Robert Richman

Robert Richman is a culture architect, keynote speaker, and creator of XPill. As the head of culture at Zappos, Robert helped build the company’s profile and revenue without compromising its staff’s happiness. As a passionate advocate of the power of culture, Robert has taught companies around the world how culture is the key to success and encouraged employees to hack and shift the way they view their roles — as more than just a job. 



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