“We have a great responsibility to restore what we’ve destroyed and to clean up what we’ve polluted.”

Having a healthy diet and eating healthy is the concern of many of us these days more since the pandemic has started. However, eating healthy is not only about cutting fast food from our lives. There is so much more to it, and with a little bit more knowledge, we can even help protect our planet. In this live call, Vishen Lakhiani and humanitarian John Robbins talk about The Food Revolution and how your diet can help save your life and the world. Tune in for a thought-provoking episode. For more information on The Food Revolution, happening online from April 24-May 2, head to go.mindvalley.com/foodsummit. It’s completely free!

Listen out for:

  • How John walked away from Baskin-Robbins.
  • Guide to eating in a humane way. 
  • John’s most transformative book. 
  • 3 things we could change about our life to help the planet.
  • The most effective way to reduce your carbon footprint.
  • John’s view on synthetic meat.
  • A day in John’s healthy life. 
  • 3 documentaries that can transform the idea of food nutrition.


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About John Robbins 

John Robbins is an American author, who popularized the links among nutrition, environmentalism, and animal rights and he exposes the connections between diet, physical health, animal cruelty, and environmentalism. As an advocate for a compassionate and healthy way of life, John is the recipient of the Rachel Carson Award, the Albert Schweitzer Humanitarian Award, the Peace Abbey’s Courage of Conscience Award, Green America’s Lifetime Achievement Award, and many other accolades. What is more interesting is that John and his son Ocean have hosted the Food Revolution Summit every year for the last ten years. The event is an annual gathering in which John interviews 24 of the top food experts on the planet. The 2021 Summit looks like it could be the largest event in history on the healthy food movement, drawing more than 350,000 people from almost every country on Earth.



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