How to find resilience in this chaotic world? 

With the massive disruption of coronavirus and everything that is happening around the world, it has become challenging to hold on to our old patterns and stay hopeful! Many of our old living ways no longer serve ourselves or humanity. But what is the world calling us to do? How can we stay resilient? Find a moment of reflection in these times with the help of this episode’s guest, Dr. Scott Mills.

Listen out for:

  • What is Super-Resilience?
  • Why is it okay to be angry about the things going wrong in the world right now. 
  • Reset. Evolve. Calling. 
  • Humanity Plus vs. Humanity Minus organizations. 
  • Finding your heart’s mission. 


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About Dr. Scott Mills

Dr. Scott Mills is a college professor, a social worker, a coach, and a mentor who has worked directly with New York Times bestselling authors, entrepreneurs, and leaders. He started a youth theater company creating a federal demonstration project to support kids whose parents are HIV positive. The best way to describe Scott is a cross between Yoda and Bill Nye, the Science Guy.




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