“You find your values in good and bad times, but they get tested during the hard times.”

We can’t forget that some of the most positive achievements in human history were made possible by acts of persuasion. Understanding the art of persuasion will help you learn how to influence people while making you more aware of the techniques others might use to try and change your beliefs and behaviors. Jason’s goal is to bring the idea of persuasion into the twenty‐first century by exploring an approach that gets its strength from the most positive aspects of our characters. On this live call, Jason Harris, co-founder & CEO of the award-winning creative advertising agency Mekanism,  joins Jason Marc Campbell in a talk about the essential tools for addressing the most challenging problems we face right now.

Listen out for:

  • The intention behind Jason’s book.
  • 4 habits that make people more influential. 
  • How to be original in your business. 
  • Persuasion and generosity in personal growth.


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About Jason Harris

Jason Harris is the co-founder & CEO of award-winning creative advertising agency Mekanism. He also co-founded the Creative Alliance, a non-profit dedicated to bringing companies together to create pro-bono work for non-partisan initiatives. With 20+ years of experience in the advertising industry, Harris has been named as a ‘Top 10 Most Influential Social Impact Leaders’, the 4A’s list of ‘100 People Who Make Advertising Great’, and was most recently the ‘2020 Campaign US 40 Over 40’ winner for his noteworthy contributions to the industry. In 2019, Harris published his first book, The Soulful Art of Persuasion, a Wall Street Journal, Publisher’s Weekly, and LA Times national bestseller.



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