“Why do we choose mediocrity if it is in our hands to actually do something different?”

Playing small doesn’t serve the world. So why do we do it? The space between fear and flying is transcended by ONE leap of faith. In this talk, Kristina authentically shares how she took her biggest leap of faith that led to her biggest success story. It’s so easy to allow others to dictate how big or how small our lives can be. This motivational speech by Kristina Mänd-Lakhiani inspires the listener to start playing BIG despite insecurities. 

Listen out for:

  • Kristina’s personal and intimate life stories. 


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About Kristina Mand Lakhiani

Kristina is the Co-founder of Mindvalley and has been in the personal transformation industry for over 15 years. She is an incredibly talented international speaker, serial entrepreneur, artist, and philanthropist. Kristina is also the author of the transformational quest “Live By Your Own Rules”



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