“A masterminding is just a deeper level of understanding, where networking can take you.”

Networking without structure had its time. Now we enter a new model that truly allows you to grow and learn as a team. On this live call, a global expert on business strategy and effective networking Gil Petersil talks to Jason Marc Campbell about the power of masterminding and how you can use this format to achieve new insights, new ideas, and stronger results. Get ready for an extraordinary episode. 

Listen out for:

  • The mastermind concept.
  • Mastermind vs. networking.
  • Why people resist doing masterminds.
  • The 123 mastermind methodology.


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About Gil Petersil 

Gil Petersil is an international expert on business strategy, effective networking, and successful relationship formulas. He co-owns 7 successful businesses: MeetPartners Ru and MeetPartners Pte Ltd in Singapore, Global Club, MeetSpeakers, Go Global Mastermind, ChallengeMe, Visa Global. He also co-founded more than 20 companies worldwide. Gil created the first private Mastermind club in Russia in early 2016 to demonstrate to a small group of people how useful they could be for each other. Today he runs mastermind sessions for industry leaders, top managers, and entrepreneurs all around the world in various formats. Gil is referred to by the media as the number 1 international networking expert.



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