Want to stay young and strong forever?

Health expert, holistic nutritionist and top personal trainer Ben Greenfield reveals the answer to this question in the second half of this gold-mine interview and drops even more powerful nuggets on how to uplevel our health, happiness, and performance all in one.

In this episode, Ben explains how sleep is a critical factor to our health and reveals the three things we must master in order for optimal sleep. He shares key strategies on exercise and food for maximal performance, and the simple (yet powerful) daily routine he uses to stay lean, live longer and be happier while doing it.

“Sometimes the things that give you the most bang for your buck are slightly hard and slightly uncomfortable.”

(If you missed Part 1 of this interview in which he covered potent strategies to increase longevity, reduce stress and live a healthier, abundant life make sure to check it out.)

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How Ben took 17 Years Off his Biological Age
  • Why Caring for Our Stem Cells is Critical
  • The Optimal Time to Exercise (and what kinds)
  • What Blue Light is and How it Affects our Sleep Quality
  • Why Fasting is the Single Fastest Way to Supercharge our Health (and the optimal number of hours to fast for)
  • Hormesis and Why It’s Essential to Uplevel our Health
  • Nutrigenomics and How it can Help us Stay Younger
  • What a Salivary Test can Reveal About the Types of Food we Should Eat
  • Why Legumes are Key for our Glycemic Variability
  • Why we should Always Have Blueberries, Aloe Vera and Collustrum in Our Kitchen
  • The Best Strategy for Motivation (both types)
  • Why Having a Tiny Bit of Caffeine in the Morning is Actually a Good Thing (and great non-coffee alternatives if cup of joe isn’t your thing)
  • Ben’s Daily Routine for Staying Lean, Looking Good, Maintaining Good Musculature and Living Longer (much easier than we’d think!)
  • The Best Sleep Stream Apps to Improve Sleep

“To radically change your habits you need to radically change your environment.”

Are you ready to discover the unknown potential that your body, mind and performance can achieve when they’re working in unison? Don’t miss Ben reveal these powerful hacks to set yourself up for success.

[And don’t miss Part 1 of the interview if you missed it!]

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