You were born number one.

You were born against all odds. It is in your DNA to be the best, it’s more natural.

Former NFL standout, acclaimed Broadway playwright and performer, and international speaker and coach, Bo Eason, shares the 2 step formula that has helped him — and can help anyone — to be the best in whatever we do.

Through his incredible story of how he became the top in his athletic, performing arts and coaching career, Bo reveals the 2 key lessons for anyone looking to become the best in their field. 

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How Bo was so terrible when he started playing football that they took away his uniform and he had to sneak onto the team to play
  • Why we need to declare that we want to be the best in whatever field (and be specific!)
  • How Bo played pool with Al Pacino and learned what he needed to do to become the best stage performer (and what this surprisingly had in common with becoming the best football player)
  • The 4 principles to be the best at anything you do
  • How aspiring to be the best actually helps uplifts others to become better too
  • Why we should only work with the best when seeking guidance (not second or third)
  • Why failure is simply part of the path to being the top in our field
  • How long it takes to become the best in any area
  • Which mentors are the most generous with their knowledge (this is surprising but makes sense)

You got to work with the best – they’re the ones who will help you. The best will be the most generous. The second tier will not know how to help you.

— Bo Eason

We guarantee this is one story you won’t want to miss. What do you want to become the best in the world at? Tune into Bo today to learn how.

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