So many reading patterns we were taught during childhood turned us into slow readers now. And in the fast-paced world today, we don’t have much time left to read slowly. Also, many of us believe that reading fast lowers our comprehension, so what do we do? Do we stop reading? Not even an option. But don’t worry. Did you know that brain performance experts can help us save time and read faster? Not only can our speaker do that, but also his tools can boost your life in ways you can’t even imagine. Jim Kwik possesses a real passion for teaching others how to learn faster and increase their brainpower. They will make you read way quicker without forgetting everything in the past paragraph and memorize things that matter to you for the rest of your life. So get ready for a life-changing experience.   


Jim Kwik is a widely recognized world expert in memory improvement, brain optimization, and accelerated learning. He has dedicated his life to helping others unleash their true genius and brainpower. He is also the host of the top education training podcast Kwik Brain and instant NY Times bestselling author of “Limitless – Upgrade Your Brain, Learn Anything Faster, Unlock Your Exceptional Life.” His mission is to leave no brain behind.


Listen out for:

– The ultimate quest in life.

– 3 powerful questions in life.

– What makes you a slow reader.

– How sub-vocalization slows you down.

– 3 things you can do to remove sub-vocalization.



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