Can self-expression be described?

In this episode, Vishen sits with Megan McNealy, author and well-being thought leader for the world’s top executives, to dive deeper into a chapter from her book Reinvent The Wheel.

Megan McNealy proved that it’s possible to heal through chronic diseases, failed relationships, and bounce back to create a vibrant life at home and at work.

And it all starts with a word.

“It’s the message you send.
Don’t just say this and do something else.
Your actions need to match your words.
— Megan McNealy

Listen out for:

(03:54) The unlikely ‘Heroine’s Journey

(13:21) How to start thinking about self-expression

(16:36) How to decide on your mode of expression

(19:05) Vishen’s journey to self-expression

Your Well-Being Wheel

Discover how you can harness the power of your own Well-Being Wheel with Megan in her latest book. Click the link below to learn more about it and grab yourself a copy:

Reinvent the Wheel:
How Top Leaders Leverage Well-Being For Success

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