Want to hack your willpower? Learn these 3 F-ing tools.

Best-selling author and biohacking specialist Dave Asprey has spent over two decades learning seemingly impossible techniques to literally alter his biological makeup and achieve the unimaginable.

In this exclusive A-Fest presentation, Bulletproof founder Dave reveals the three (F-ing) things that influence our willpower. He explains how once we’ve learned to manipulate these three factors, we gain better control over accomplishing that which we set out to do. Dave has singlehandedly transformed the diets (and waistlines) of thousands of people around the world through his extensive training, and today he generously shares the secrets of his biological hacking success.

Ready to become bulletproof? Don’t miss this episode.

The biggest leak of willpower is applying our precious effort to things that are automated and urges from an untrained animal that’s thrashing around inside our body.

It’s all about training.”

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • The Biology Behind Where Willpower Comes From
  • How and Why Most of Our Willpower gets Wasted
  • The Labrador Brain and How It Affects our Decision Making Process (you need to know this!)
  • How We Give Into Terrorists Everyday (it’s not what you think)
  • Why Dave Electronically Monitored his Sexual Arousal for an Extended Time (and the astounding results)
  • Why We Need to Understand the Why behind out How Our Mental Chatter
  • How Our Energy Is Drained by the Difference in Speed between Our Body and Mind
  • How Our Survival Instincts can Harm Us
  • A Personal Challenge from Dave to Start Practicing Immediately

“I believe that the natural state of things should be easy. There’s something to be said about working hard, but I would rather work hard on an easy problem rather than working hard at something because it makes you a better person.”

Ready to learn how to hack your willpower and take your performance to the level? Don’t miss Dave explain the 3 F’s to learn how.


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