Our emotions literally create our present experience.

In this exclusive A-Fest presentation, Eric Edmeades shares how changing our mental framework truly has the power to transform our life. By mastering our state of being through our emotions, we have the incredible ability to create not only our present experience, but change the past and even the future.

Through lively and engaging personal stories,  Eric explains how managing our mental and emotional state is key. Though it can appear as if our emotions are influenced by external factors, Eric illustrates how we in fact have the ability to consciously use our emotions to create the experience we desire. He shares a key ingredient for this methodology and dives deeper into how we can manipulate past and future occurrences.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • The Hindsight Window and How We Can Use It to Master Our State of Being
  • How Past Memories affect Our Perception of Reality
  • A Technique to Heal Childhood Trauma
  • Why we Develop Fear of the Future from Past Resentments
  • Why Our Present Is the Most Malleable Experience
  • How Eric Transformed His Present Experience and The One Simple Technique he Used
  • Why Gratitude is Essential for an Optimal State of Being

“Here’s how it works: event happens → emotion. Is it serving me?

What emotion would be serving me better?”

Are you ready to gain the tools to create the reality you desire? Tune into Eric’s presentation to learn how.


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