You Can Actively Train Your Willpower

Here are the action steps you can take to train your willpower!

If you’re asking if it’s possible to train your willpower, the answer is yes! To hack it effectively, you’ll need to know the core issues waning and draining your willpower.l That’s what Dave Asprey breaks down for you in this episode. You’ll be learning the bulletproof way of training your willpower based on the “Fs” mentioned in previous episode with Dave of Fear, Food, F***, and additionally, Fat, Feel, and Figure.

We highly recommend you listen to the previous episode, Part 1, if you haven’t already so you don’t miss out on the additional information he’s shared there.

“The most powerful thing might not be learning how to turn off the fear but learning how to feel when you go into it.”
— Dave Asprey

Highlights from the talk:

  • The effects of the fight or flight mode and what you can do about it
  • Recognizing the different rhythms between a fear-based heartbeat versus a calm heartbeat
  • How to incorporate Heart Rate Variability Training into your every day life
  • Dave shares a breathing exercise to help you move from sympathetic to a parasympathetic nervous system
  • The tools Dave uses to turn the dial down on fear (links in resources below)
  • An exercise Dave does with his kids before they sleep to help them train their resilience towards wins and failures
  • What happens when you don’t get enough sleep and what to do about it for your body
  • How neuro feedback training can help you to turn off the mental chatter that feeds your fears
  • The 3 letter “F” word that helps Dave to maintain a stable delivery of energy to his head
  • The active changes in your body when you stop eating food which causes inflammation and cravings
  • How Dave experimented with the Taoist equation to immortality by basing it on Napoleon Hill’s book, “Think and Grow Rich.”

People mentioned in the episode:

  • Emily (Fletcher)
  • HeartMath Institute
  • 40 Years of Zen
  • Vishen Lakhiani
  • Dr. Mark Hyman
  • Harvey Kellogg
  • Napoleon Hill

Resources mentioned in the episode:

We’d recommend you listen to Dave’s previous episode:

For more materials, we’d recommend the following articles:
Here’s a powerful quote by Dave for you to leave with,
“It’s not important that you look a certain way, it’s important that you feel a certain way.”
— Dave Asprey
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What was your main takeaway from Dave’s talk?

Which of the “F” words do you find affecting you most?

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