Is getting solid zzzzzz’s really a waste of time?

In the era of busyness and productivity, we often view sleep as a sign of laziness or a waste of time. In this exclusive interview, Dr. Michael Breus—aka The Sleep Doctor—busts that myth and reveals the science behind why sleep is a key factor in reaching ultimate peak performance.

Best-selling author Dr. Breus passed the American Board of Sleep Medicine at the age of 31 and is one of only 168 psychologists in the world with this exclusive credential. In this episode he explains the scientific research behind sleep patterns and shares valuable tips on how we can use sleep as a superpower to take our potential to unprecedented levels.

“Productivity, wellness and health fundamentally cannot be without sleep. You can last three days without water, thirty days without food—you can last seven days without sleep.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • The Do’s and Don’t of Developing a Consistent Sleep Cycle
  • Why Everyone Doesn’t Necessarily Need 8 Hours of Sleep
  • The Bedtime Calculator and How to Use It to Identify Your Optimal Sleep Length
  • Why and How Our Sleep Requirement Vary with Cognitive Load and Health Level
  • Dr. Breus’ 5 Step Plan to Start Sleeping Better
  • How to Calculate When We Should Have Our Last Cup of Coffee for the Day
  • Whether or Not Consuming Alcohol is a Good Idea Before Bedtime
  • How Exercise Affects Our Sleep Quality
  • What To Do in The First 15 Minutes Upon Waking to Reset Our Circadian Function
  • The Powerful Effect Blue Lights Have on Sleep (you need to know this!)
  • The 2 Types of Naps We Can Take Advantage of to Supercharge Our Day
  • What the Nap-a-Latte Is and Why It’s Perfect for Having at Work (sparingly!)

“Sleep has a direct effect on anxiety, depression, moodiness. Literally everything you do, you do better with a good night’s sleep.”

Ready to learn how you can use sleep to supercharge the rest of your life? Don’t miss out on hearing the Sleep Doctor explain how!




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Try the Nap-a-Latte and let us know how it worked for you!

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