In this episode we hear from ethical cosmetic dermatologist and author, Dr. Barry Lycka, on how to keep our skin radiant as we grow older. Dr. Lycka shares a simple, preventative program to maintain glowing skin and the importance of making a good first impression.

Dr. Lycka reveals his top 5 pointers on how we can keep our skin looking great as we age and other powerful tools to keep us looking and feeling our best at all times.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • What skin is in the first place (this will surprise you)
  • The 7 second impression effect and why this matters
  • What SPF is and Barry’s top sunscreen recommendations
  • Why we should always put moisturizer on damp skin
  • How silicone based cream can help erase scars and Dr. Barry’s top recommendations
  • What a shielding lotion and how it protects our skin
  • How to check for early signs of skin cancer (and the most dangerous kind of skin cancer)
  • The skin product brands that Barry trusts
  • Tools and treatment for acne scars and why analyzing scars is so important
  • The importance of choosing a qualified skin practitioner to avoid the dangers of PRP in microneedling
  • The main procedure Dr. Lycka recommends to take dark circles away from under your eyes
  • What fillers are and the risks associated
  • The importance of seeking a qualified dermatologist that we trust

Ever been curious about getting a deeper understanding of skin care? Tune in to Dr. Lycka today.

Resources and Mentions:

  • The Secrets of Living a Fantastic Life by Barry Lycka
  • Gloves in a Bottle
  • Laroche-Posay sunscreen

Connect with Barry:

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