Introducing: the 73 year old who lifted 200,000+ lbs repeatedly for 4 hours.

Sanjay Rawal, the heartful film director of the inspiring documentary Challenging Impossibility shares how his humble spiritual teacher repeatedly achieved seemingly impossible physical feats while he was alive.

The source of Sri Chinmoy’s power: inner peace.

Rawal explains how Sri Chinmoy utilized inner states to achieve astonishing outer states, and believed physical practices can (and should) be used as an active part of our spiritual pursuits. He shares how Chinmoy was actually able to lift more as he got older (in other words – his spiritual strength grew).

Sri Chinmoy believed the essential essence of human beings is only attainable through meditation — be it a meditation in motion, or in stillness. Tune in to this astonishing episode to hear firsthand how your spiritual practice can fuel your athletic performance.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • The types of meditation that Sri Chinmoy practiced
  • The 3100 mile race that Sri Chinmoy designed to help enter a higher state of consciousness (you need to hear this!)
  • Lessons for those that are casually training for Spartan races or marathons
  • How meditation in motion has been used as a powerful spiritual practice for centuries
  • Why surrendering our ego and cultivating devotion is critical in developing spiritual strength
  • How a 73 year old Indian man lifted over 200,000 lbs repeatedly for over 4 hours

Power comes from inner peace.

— Sri Chinmoy

Ready to learn how your spiritual practice can fuel your physical performance? Tune in today.

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