Let thy food be thy medicine.

In this nutrient, informationally-rich episode, leading naturopathic doctor Dr. Josh Axe shares the top 8 diet and lifestyle strategies that helped Josh’s mother completely eliminate her cancer symptoms and feel the best she’s ever felt in her entire life.

As one of the pioneers of natural medicine, a chiropractor, clinical nutritionist and best-selling author, Dr. Axe is passionate about empowering people to achieve maximal health and well-being through nutrition. He explains the gaping shortcomings in the conventional medical system, and reveals an array of simple yet incredibly powerful traditional remedies that nature has been providing us for thousands of years.

With everything from superpower herbs to key essentials oils, Dr. Axe arms us with potent (and proven) techniques to bring our health to the next level. This episode is a must-hear for anyone, regardless if they are experiencing some form of ‘dis-ease’ or not.

Every emotion we experience causes a specific disease to build up in the body.

The cancer industry today is based off fear.

— Dr. Axe

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why we should all start drinking turmeric golden tea immediately
  • Why omega-3 fats like coconut oil and ghee are critical for nutrient absorption
  • The top 3 herbs to take to combat Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s
  • The mushroom of immortality and its power to supercharge our brain (you have to hear this)
  • How turmeric, Lion’s mane and reishi can help boost our immune system
  • What we can learn from an Ayurvedic approach to health
  • Why we need to incorporate healthy essential oils like frankincense and myrrh into our diet ASAP
  • Budwig therapy and why healthy fats are essential for neurological, hormonal and cellular function (hint: 60% of our brain is made from fats!)
  • Why we should start eating more bitter and sour foods instead of sweet and salty (and the top 3 to put on our grocery list immediately)
  • Why sauerkraut, kimchi and blueberries are critical for our gut health
  • Vitamin C chelation and how how to use proteolytic enzyme therapy through certain foods
  • Why supplements only work if your diet is healthy in the first place
  • The underestimated power of fresh pressed green juice (and which green vegetables are best combined)
  • Stem cells and how to reduce inflammation through our diet
  • How developing an attitude of gratitude can literally save our life
  • Dr. Axe’s personal creative visualization morning routine

Food is medicine. 

— Dr. Axe

Are you ready to learn the tools to take not only your health, but all those you love and care about, to the next level? Don’t wait another day to learn the tips and techniques to combat any illness — listen to Dr. Axe’s incredible episode today.

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