Fact: Sleep deprivation shortens your lifespan.

In our busy-busy-rush-rushing-doing-doing culture, sleep is something that’s been grossly undervalued and underestimated. In this episode, fitness and nutrition expert Shawn Stevenson reveals the truth about sleep — and why it’s critical for performance on every level.

Shawn explains the science behind how sleep affects everything from our immune system and our metabolism, to our focus, concentration and even longevity. He proves how not getting an optimal sleep can impact our relationships, our business performance, our health, happiness and our energy. He busts through trendy sleep myths (thought melatonin was the ‘sleep supplement’ – think again), and shares powerful, implementable strategies on how we can start sleeping smarter tonight.

The old adage of ‘I’ll sleep when I’m dead’ doesn’t fly anymore. Deprive yourself of sleep, and you will be dead. Don’t miss Shawn share how to sleep smarter for success.

“If you want to get old fast, shorten your sleep.”

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Whether or Not Alcohol is Beneficial for Sleeping
  • Why Sleeping Pills are a Bad Idea and 4 Ways to Get Off Them
  • The Different Brainwaves of Sleep and Which one the “Youth Hormone” is produced in
  • What Shifting Time Zones does to Our Poop (and why it matters!)
  • Why Gut Health is Critical to our Wellbeing
  • How we are More Bacteria than Human (you’ll want to hear this!)
  • How we’re Physiologically in Better Shape Before a Workout than After (this totally makes sense)
  • What time We Should Stop Drinking Coffee
  • How H20 Doesn’t Exist Anywhere in Nature (crazy!)
  • How Antibiotics are More Harmful than Helpful
  • Water Induced Thermogenesis and How it Can Help Us Burn Calories
  • How Nightlights can be Harming out Kids
  • The Mistake Elon Musk may be making About his Sleep
  • Why we Need a Screen Curfew More than Ever

“Stack conditions in your favor so good sleep is automatic.”


After listening to this incredible episode, don’t forget to check out some of the amazing resources Shawn and Vishen share with you! These tools are implementable tonight.

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