Feeling tired and sick? Here’s why:

There’s a difference between our pace of society and our evolution.

Entrepreneur, speaker and Wildfit creator Eric Edmeades explain how because the development of our society is miles ahead of our evolutionary development and, largely influenced by the profit-driven food manufacturing industry, it is no surprise that we’re the sickest and most stressed we’ve ever been as a species.

The modern human’s diet is completely disconnected from what humans evolved to eat.

Eric compares diets of dozens of animals in the wild versus those that were brought to captivity and the various health detriments – everything from cheetahs that aren’t able to reproduce, to vultures that can’t fly because of calcium deficiency and elephants that lived less than a fraction of their lifespan in the wild – and why humans are no different.

This fast-paced, engaging A-fest presentation will get you you laughing, ah-ha-ing and truly questioning why so many of us know what we should be eating, but simply aren’t. And reveal what we can do to change.

Lasting transformation is not about giving people a bunch of restrictive rules. It’s not about telling people you can and can’t do this. It’s about changing their psychology.


— Eric Edmeades

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How our food production system is fundamentally broken, and our governments are fundamentally broken relative to our food production
  • The shocking amount of time doctors actually spend studying food (hint – it’s often none!)
  • How we’re eating in captivity and don’t even realize it
  • How our current food manufacturers have designed food to leave us feel unsatiated and constantly wanting more
  • How you can learn to not like sugar
  • What we can learn from leaf cutter ants
  • Why we need community for transformation
  • Why and how we can vote with our dollars
  • The fastest way to implicate change
  • Eric’s program that has transformed millions of people’s lives

We can evolve spiritually as fast as we want but we can’t change our physiology, and that is a problem.

— Eric Edmeades

If you’re ready to create new habits and gain the tools to truly transform your health, this is not an episode you’ll want to miss.

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