Don’t ask for life to be easier, ask for you to be stronger.

From A-Fest’s Los Angeles stage, professional speaker and creator of Wildfit, Eric Edmeades, explains how all the problems we encounter in our diet, our relationships and in our social interactions are due to the discrepancy between our ancient genetic programming and our modern environment.

Eric explains how because our genetics still haven’t caught up to our social evolution, it’s critical to first develop an awareness of how our outdated programming is causing us to suffer. Eric then shares practical, actionable way to help elevate our consciousness and how we can make changes to improve our life, starting today.

Our instincts kick in to help us deal with the present, but they hurt us long term.

— Eric Edmeades

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • What the evolution gap is and how it’s the root of all our modern-day problems
  • What calories per acre is and how we can use it to make a diet plan that actually works
  • Why people that are lactose- and gluten intolerant are actually the lucky ones
  • The shocking percentage of things that contain sugar
  • The food timeline and how we can bring consciousness to our eating habits
  • Why shame isn’t actually a bad emotion (and how we can approach any ‘negative’ emotion)
  • What we can learn from traditional hunter-gatherer bushman tribes (that still exist today!)
  • The food devil personalities and how to deal with ours going forward
  • The number one thing we need to do if we want the food industry to stop putting sugar in everything
  • Why it’s not actually the food that makes us feel better, it’s because we gave ourselves permission to have it
  • The truth about mom-guilt and how to let it go (this is interesting)

The danger that you’re actually living with is infinitely smaller than the danger your DNA thinks you’re living with.

There’s a safety line, always.

— Eric Edmeades

Ready to learn how to outsmart the ancient programming that’s been causing you problems and start living more powerfully? Tune into Eric to hear how you can improve your life today.

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