Your body and mind are healing machines

In this episode, you are going to immediately experience and apply the change you desire for yourself.

Marisa Peer, Britain’s leading hypnotherapist is one of Mindvalley’s most celebrated authors. Having worked with celebrities and royalties, Marisa is known to rapidly heal her patients through hypnosis.

Her talk, delivered at Mindvalley University Pula, Croatia, is a deeply immersive workshop that dives straight into your subconscious mind to help you heal yourself.

Is hypnotherapy safe?

According to WebMD, Hypnotherapy or Hypnosis uses guided relaxation, intense concentration, and focused attention to achieve a heightened state of awareness that’s sometimes called a trance.

In this state, you’ll explore thoughts, feelings, and memories that might be hidden from your conscious mind. For more information on hypnotherapy and medical uses read it here.

Your body is a healing machine.
You are able to re-install that vortex
command, compile, code, direct and structure
anything that’s physical, mental, and emotional.

— Marisa Peer

Listen out for:

(02:54) How hypnotherapy helped a young girl heal herself after an accident and a man to end his alcoholism

(05:55) The power of self-healing through the mind by understanding neuroplasticity

(08:34) The importance of using the right words and being clear with your mind

(12:03) The PPP — If it’s not Permanent, Personal, or Pervasive, it’s not coming to get you and it can go away.

(14:18) Marisa’s Hypnotherapy session: The Healing Vortex begins

If it’s not Permanent,
and it’s not Personal,
and it’s not all Pervasive,
it’s not coming to get you.
— Marisa Peer

Reprogram your mind and heal yourself

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