Ready to scrub up on your spying skills?

Understanding the fellow human beings in your workplace is crucial to entrepreneurial success…and in this podcast you’ll find out why. We’ll be joined by former RBI Spy Hunter Robin Dreeke who’ll lay the ground rules for figuring out your colleague’s priorities and how to use that for healthy advantages for all. Seriously, sizing others up isn’t a bad thing…it’s the only way to forge accurate business expectations and long-lasting professional connections.

Listen out for:

  • How to really size people up in your workplace without the use of manipulation
  • Why safety, security and prosperity are what EVERYONE is seeking
  • 4 Paths to building trust and professional relationships with the toughest individuals

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And don’t forget to grab a copy of Robin’s book Sizing People Up: A Veteran FBI Agent’s User Manual for Behaviour Prediction here to apply these amazing tools! –

About Robin Dreeke…

Robin Dreeke is a best-selling author, professional speaker, trainer, facilitator, and retired FBI Special Agent and Chief of the Counterintelligence Behavioural Analysis Program.

Robin has taken his life’s work of recruiting spies and broken down the art of leadership and communication. Since 2010, Robin has been working with large corporations as well as small companies in every aspect of their business to kickstart their success. Whether it is newly promoted leaders, executives, sales teams, or customer relations, Robin has crafted his People Formula for quick results and maximum success. Check it out here –



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