Today on The Mindvalley Show, we journey into the intriguing topic of intuition in business. Our guest is Laura Day, the worlds leading intuitive consultant who helps companies develop their intuitive abilities to improve operations, solve problems and increase profit. She has written extensively on perception and intuition, and her book “The Circle” creates a framework for anyone to develop their innate intuitive abilities. 

In this episode, she defines intuition and how top CEOs tap into their intuitive abilities to make bold decisions by shifting their perception in space and time. Many people mistakenly define intuition as an emotional response, but Laura explains how intuition is a logical data-driven sense that allows you to dispassionately observe the world, people, and relationships to determine future potential. 

Neurodivergent personalities often struggle to function appropriately in social settings, but Laura uncovers why people challenged by these pathologies also hold the potential to create dynamic data-driven companies that can impact all of society. She explains how the average CEO, has some form of neurodivergence that allows them to tap into a level of intuition that the average person resists. 

If you are curious about intuition and want to shift your perception of data, reality, and human potential, join us for one of our most interesting conversations yet.

Key Takeaways:

[3:50] What is intuition?

[5:00] Laura’s introduction to perception

[8:00] Your pathology can be your potential

[11:40] The gift of non-local attention

[13:25] The importance of precision

[16:30] The symptom dialogue 

[18:00] Business intuitive consultations

[25:00] Defining your intuitive senses

[28:00] Ethical practices 

[32:00] The framework of The Circle

[36:00] Living out your goals 

[38:00] Intuition versus impulsivity 

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Memorable Quotes:

“That ability that doesn’t allow you to chitchat appropriately at a dinner party does allow you to dispassionately observe a situation, to move it around in space and time, to experience other people’s perspectives, but as data, not as emotion the way an empath does, as data.”   [9:05] -Laura Day

“It is important to be precise, it is important to be literal, not that the rest isn’t beautiful, imagery, and art and all of that is beautiful, but the literal world, that creates a profit, that creates jobs, that creates a function, that creates new medicines, that precise data-driven world when it has a positive goal, is an art of its own. [13:25] -Laura Day

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