The new business trend is becoming an entrepreneur and starting your own company, but is that the right path to take? There are so many questions that we need to answer before stepping into the entrepreneurial path —and things don’t end there. Once you have your own company, you will face challenges you never knew about. Still, can you turn your company into the best workplace possible? A place where the employees also have a voice? If you want to do that, we have brought a master here for you. Germany’s best employer, Alexander Müller, is here to tell us all about the entrepreneurial path to success. 


Alexander Müller is the CEO and Founder of Greator, a company that provides valuable inspirational insight and unique coaching to people so they can live a happy, successful, and fulfilled life by supporting their personal and professional development. The company name Greator is made up of the words “greatness” and “creator” because that’s exactly what they want to achieve: With Greator, you become the creator of your own remarkable life. Greator has won first place as the best employer in Germany, in the category “Companies with 50-100 employees”. Alexander is also the managing director of three innovative companies, a university lecturer at the Steinbeis University Berlin, and a member of the board of the German Speakers Association. 


Listen out for:

– What it really means to be an entrepreneur.

– How to find out if entrepreneurship is the right path for you.

– Alexander’s motivation behind creating the best company to work in.

– The steps to make your company a great place to work.



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