If I were to die right now, would I be happy with my life?

In this original interview, maverick entrepreneur, leading marketing strategist and crazy adventurer Franziska Iseli, shares the unique 4 step formula from her new book, Courage, for boosting courage in our every day life.

These key principles are what have allowed Franziska to reverse engineer the societal programming that was placed upon her and truly live a lifestyle of freedom, individual expression and pure happiness while serving others.

As an immigrant who started up her own successful marketing business after coming to a point of sudden clarity and purposeful intention after her dad died, these 4 principles are what caused the turning point in Franziska’s life and have allowed her to create meaningful change in the lives of those around her as well.

When I’m staying safe I’m not growing. I need to make mistakes.

— Franziska Iseli

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • The KITT formula for living a more courageous life
  • The underestimated power of responding to everyone with kindness (much harder than we think!)
  • Useful techniques to see from another’s point of view and meet people where they’re at
  • Why we need to embrace imperfection, in ourselves and all around us
  • The comparison trap and how to avoid it
  • How to find perfection in tiny moments
  • Why our biggest, boldest ideas are often based on trust
  • The science of why we need to trust our intuition
  • The power of believing the universe has our back
  • A checklist to see if we’re living in our truth
  • The real reason why Franziska loves riding her motorcycle across countries

Trust in yourself. You have the knowledge and the ability to take the action you need to take.

— Franziska Iseli

Ready to take action? Tune into Franziska’s courageous interview today.

Resources and Mentions:

*Bonus – some of the question in Franziska’ checklist that can help us to determine if we’re living in our own truth or those of others/society’s:

  • Are you free from others’ expectation?
  • Are you acting congruently with yourself, or in a way to manipulate an outcome?
  • Do you respect other people’s truth in order to fit your own needs?
  • Do you seek outside validation?

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