‘If your focus is on the small things, you’re missing the big picture.’

In this Superhumans at Work episode, we’re joined by special guest Megan McNealy to fill you in on what it really takes to be well and do well. As a consistently high-flying, highly successful entrepreneur, Megan knows first hand how important your career growth is to you. But she also learned the hard way about what NOT to do if you want to, literally, keep up the good work…

Listen out for:

  • Megan’s formula to reinvent yourself.
  • How to not focus on what’s urgent but what’s important.
  • Rituals to boost your productivity.

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Megan McNealy is the author of Reinvent the Wheel: How Top Leaders Leverage Well-Being for Success. Grab your copy –https://www.amazon.com/Reinvent-Wheel-Leaders-Leverage-Well-Being/dp/152937474X.


About Megan…

Megan works with executives, entrepreneurs, and change-makers worldwide, helping them to achieve body, mind and spirit well-being, so that they can joyfully reach their highest potential.

During her 20-year career as an award-winning wealth advisor, stress and imbalance crushed her health. In response, she created a revolutionary new framework for well-being, the Well-Being Wheel©, that completely revived her health and life. With her customized plan, Megan began to thrive personally and professionally.

Megan’s mission is to impact and inspire lasting change in the lives of one million individuals by helping them achieve total well-being AND extraordinary success in their personal and business lives.

Also, check out her website – www.meganmcnealy.com

… and stay tuned for another episode with Megan on Thursday where we talk about the current Corona crisis!



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