‘96% of people who experience remote working for the first time don’t want to go back to the office working environment’

While it is too early to fully understand the severity of this crisis and its long-term implications, there are several steps businesses can take now to help improve the situation. In this episode we welcome back Liam Martin who is an expert in remote working. He shares some nuggets on how can businesses take some quick and come out unscathed from this situation…

Listen out for:

  • The 5 tiers of remote work communication.
  • Why superstar employees could be a liability to your business.
  • Why process documentation can make or break a company.
  • 3 Steps to assess the impact of the crisis on the business

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List of Softwares Mentioned in the Episode:

Zoom – https://zoom.us/

Slack – https://slack.com/

TimeDoctor – https://www.timedoctor.com/

GitLab Handbook  – https://about.gitlab.com/handbook/

Twist – https://twist.com/

Trainual – https://trainual.com/

Google Calendar – https://www.google.com/calendar/

Google Apps for Business – https://gsuite.google.com/

About Liam Martin

Liam Martin is a pioneer of the remote working movement. Liam’s mission is to help level the global economic playing field by facilitating individuals and organizations around the globe to embrace remote work and boost productivity, profitability, fulfilment and freedom.

He’s Co-founder of Staff.com and Time Doctor, a world-leading time tracking software that helps companies manage remote workers just as if they were in the same office.

He’s also a core organizer of Running Remote, an incredible annual event curated to teach you next-level, actionable strategies and tactics you can utilize to manage and grow your distributed team.

To know more about Liam check out https://www.timedoctor.com/

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