You are a dualistic being.

What does that even mean? And why does it feel so good when we discover this whole world…?

In this Mindvalley podcast, Vishen Lakhiani is about to blow your mind with the 3 most incredible (and fun!) paths to higher consciousness. After all, human beings do not just exist in a physical world; you exist in consciousness too…

Listen out for:

  • How you’ve been tricked into believing the ‘only’ thing that’s real in life
  • Why sex could be your ticket to altered states of being and deeper spirituality
  • How to explore incredible out-of-body-experiences

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About the Guests…

Charlie Morley – as a bestselling author and teacher of both lucid dreaming and shadow work, Charlie received “authorisation to teach” within the Karma Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism and has since run workshops in over 20 countries. His books, Dreams of Awakening , Lucid Dreaming Made Easy and Dreaming Through Darkness are available in 15 different languages. For his work with veterans and stress or trauma affected sleep patterns check out his website –

Jade Shaw – as a globally celebrated speaker and teacher, Jade is a fully qualified out-of-body experience professional. And her mission is to raise human consciousness for collective change. Her message to you is…’anyone can have an out of body experience, it’s a learnable skill available to everyone.’ Visit her we website to find out more and start your out-of-body experience journey today

Helena Houdova – Czech supermodel and passionate humanitarian, Helena Houdova, shares the underestimated and misunderstood connection between our sexual energy and higher states of consciousness with the world. She’s a huge advocate for human beings stepping into and discovering their full power. Follow @helenahoudova on Instagram and get inspired to step into yours!


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