“Empathy heals.”

A great story can make you feel all kinds of emotions. It can make you cry, can make you angry, can make you give a round of applause and it can make you empathize and that is what our speaker does. Entrepreneur, speaker, and activist, Taylor Conroy is here to prove to you how we can all change the world to a better place with small steps.

Listen out for:

  • The story about Taylor’s favorite entrepreneur in the world.
  • The most transformational experience of Taylor Conroy’s life.


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About Taylor Conroy

Taylor has been a professional firefighter, a real estate entrepreneur, and a bodybuilder; he has studied with Zen monks in Japan, run with the bulls in Spain, has explored every continent on earth including Antarctica, has surfed the longest wave in the world in Peru, and has filmed mini-documentaries in the red light district of Cambodia to combat sex trafficking, the Ecuadorian Amazon to catalyze microfinance, and the jungles of Uganda as an activist for human rights. Most recently, he co-founded Journey: an impact travel company bringing groups of 30-70 people on international trips to build homes, renovate schools, coach women’s collectives, and aid refugees: transforming both the communities they visit and the travelers they engage.

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