⚠️Content Warning: Death⚠️ 


During COVID-19, many people’s lives and identities were shattered. Some missed this as an opportunity for change, or rebirth. Our YouTuber guest today was one of the people who had to face her fears and go through a big awakening during this period. In this episode, Sorelle Amore talks about losing her identity as a travel influencer during a pandemic, and the rebirth that came from this transformation.   


Sorelle Amore is a best-selling author, speaker, YouTuber, and ethical investor. She started her journey in 2016 as a YouTuber who traveled the world for 4 years, showing people the possibility of creating freedom in life through embracing the concept of being a Digital Nomad. In 2021, after a hard year of self-reflection and being forced to stay put for the first time in her life, Sorelle together with her partner Leon started Abundantia, a business on finance and freedom to help make prosperity accessible to all, something they both believe is a human right. Being disappointed with the world’s destructive and fearful direction, Sorelle and Leon both believe there is a better way that is grounded in love and abundance. Abundantia is their current contribution, hopefully investing in productive land in the future to make organic food available to all.  


Listen out for:

– The inspiring story of Sorelle’s life journey.

– The 2 dark secrets Sorelle was hiding behind her successful life. 

– How Sorelle transformed her life during a pandemic 

– How she rebuilt her life after losing her identity 



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