Create your life vision or you’ll end up having society create one for you

How do you want to live your life?
In this episode, Vishen Lakhiani sits with Jon and Missy Butcher to discuss the number one question many have asked when starting their journey into self-discovery. They’re bringing forth the conversation we all need to have with ourselves, which is, “How do I know if my goals are aligned with my soul?” — action steps included.
Here are the discussion highlights from the episode:
  • Some of the frequently asked questions from Mindvalley Tribe members on how to create a life vision;
  • The secret behind Jon and Missy’s success as a couple and entrepreneurs;
  • The answer to the question, “How not to fall into the trap of living other people’s rules;”
  • Gallup World Poll correction: 85% (not 54% as mentioned in the episode) of Americans hate their job. Link to the article here;
  • The question Richard Rossi asked an audience of high-achieving students in preparation for entering ivy league universities;
  • The rule Jon and Missy gave their daughter Jade, on her decision to pursue an education in Seoul, Korea;
  • The never-ending process and question to ask yourself in order to build a clear and compelling future;
  • Jon and Missy explain the first and fundamental rule of creating a Life Vision;
  • A quick breakdown of the 12 categories of Lifebook;
  • The best question you can ask yourself today is “What is your ideal day?”
  • The story of how Vishen came up with the creation of Mindvalley’s A-fest, an event that gathers an extraordinary community of change-makers and visionaries in exotic locations worldwide;
  • Jon and Missy’s plans as Lifebook facilitators for adults and teens wanting to attend Mindvalley U, Estonia;
  • Vishen, Jon, and Missy break down their ideal day;
People mentioned in this episode:
  • Richard Rossi, co-founder of two of the world’s largest and most prestigious enrichment programs for high-achieving students
  • Jack Delosa, founder, and CEO of Australia’s largest and most disruptive education institution for entrepreneurs
  • Bill Gates
  • Steve Jobs
  • Alan Watts
The following are resources for more information on how you can build your life vision:
“A life vision is dynamic — it’s not one and done.”
Jon Butcher

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