We need to be clear on our ideal life vision—or else we’ll be stuck with the one society gives us.

In this in-depth interview, Jon and Missy Butcher discuss the number one question many have asked when starting their journey of self-discovery: what do I want in life?

Jon and Missy share specific, actionable steps we can take immediately to determine if our goals and current life are truly aligned with our soul. They reveal the powerful framework they’ve developed to help thousands get clear on what they want in life, and go over the structure and design to implement it right away.

“It’s about bringing consciousness to your life and taking responsibility.”

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why we Need a Vision in the First Place
  • The 12 Categories of Lifebook and How they Create the Framework to Manifest Our Best Life
  • Why Getting a College Degree may Not be Necessary
  • 3 Key Questions to Ask Yourself Every Morning
  • Jon and Missy’s Ideal Day
  • Practical Steps to Bring Consciousness to Our Life
  • How Journaling is a Power Method for Self-Discovery
  • Words of Wisdom from Alan Watts

“If you don’t have a crystal clear vision for your life there are millions of people, corporations and gurus out there that are going to be happy to step in and fill your vision gap and take you and your life where they want you go to.”

Are you ready to custom design the life you desire? Don’t fall victim to society’s expectation of your ‘dream’ life and mistaken it for your own. Tune into Jon and Missy to learn the tools to create the life you want.

“It’s a never-ending process of continually asking yourself, ‘what do I want out of life?’”




  • Richard Rossi (co-founder of two of the world’s largest and most prestigious enrichment programs for high-achieving students)
  • Jack Delosa (founder and CEO of Australia’s largest and most disruptive education institution for entrepreneurs)
  • Bill Gates
  • Steve Jobs
  • Alan Watts


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