Fun is what we’re here for.

In this cheerfully pertinent A-Fest presentation, Mindvalley co-founder, Kristina Lakhiani shares powerful, practical tools on how to become happier not only in the short-term, but outlines five long-term strategies on being happy for life.

As one of the core members of one of the most transformational education programs on the planet, Kristina’s light-hearted and playful persona is proof that happiness is key for performance on all levels. Her spirited manner and optimistic outlook is contagious, and she ends the presentation with a blissfully relaxing exercise to ingrain the pillars of happiness into our entire being.

“You cannot be truly happy unless you are happy with yourself.”

In the episode you’ll discover:

  • How to Raise our Set-Point of Happiness
  • Why we need to Take Fun Seriously
  • The #1 Correlation of Happiness (so powerful!)
  • The 3 Traps of Perfectionism and How to Avoid Them
  • What Hedonistic Adaptation is and the Danger of Short Term Gratification
  • What we can Learn from Children
  • Where we can Find Happiness (this is good!)
  • Why Self-Love is key for Dealing With Negative Emotions
  • What Spiritual Bypassing is and How it can Harm Us
  • How Happiness is our Natural State but we Unlearn It
  • The Relationship between our Emotion and Physical Body
  • The Disney Pixar Movie we All Need to Watch

“Our goal here on this planet earth is not to be dead before we are dead, our goal here is to actually experience life go through us, not past us.”

Ready to re-discover the inner joy, vitality and flowing abundance that you knew as a child? Don’t miss Kristina spark the inner happiness that you were born knowing but may have forgotten.

Access Kristina’s guided meditation following her presentation:o

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