From baby swaddles to moonshine, the sky’s the limit to building a multi million dollar business.

Co-founder and former CEO of Aden & Anais, Raegan Moya-Jones, shares the unique path that led her to building a $100 million business in global baby products, and another in the premium moonshine industry.

Raegan reveals some of the most important skills needed to be a successful in business and shares some her top pointers for up-and-coming entrepreneurs. She explains why we shouldn’t necessarily quit our day job right away in our haste to walk the entrepreneurial path and how to work through our fear of failure.

I’m never the smartest person in the room, I’m never the most creative person in the room, I’m never the most connected person in the room. I just had a real passion for what I was doing – I believed in it, and I was prepared to work really, really hard to make it happen.

— Raegan Moya-Jones

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How Raegan’s multi million dollar business idea initially came to her
  • Her top tips for up-and-coming entrepreneurs on how to get started
  • Why the best entrepreneurs are actually not risk takers (and what they are instead)
  • Some of the baby steps Raegan took to turn her idea into a reality
  • How (and why) she created a premium moonshine company without being a liquor drinker
  • The 3 most important skills to be a successful entrepreneur
  • Why we should consider the worse case scenario
  • How commerce today is different than it was 12 years ago
  • Why Raegan was more scared to put our new book than start Aden & Anais

When there was no other alternative other than me to figure it out, I just did. That was the way it worked back then.

Ready to learn what moonshine and baby swaddles have in common and how you can use the tips Raegan shares to start your own blooming business? Tune into this episode today.

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I would much prefer to try and give this my best shot and fail then to sit here paralyzed with fear about what I don’t know and actually give up too soon.

— Raegan Moya-Jones

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