“Having a purpose in life is an important part of staying healthy.”

We normally associate good health and longevity with sports and nutrition. We spend money on supplements, gym memberships, and healthy lunch boxes… but what if we were to tell you that there was a cheaper and more effective way to cracking the longevity code? Canadian-Polish science journalist, Marta Zaraska, is here to prove to us how friendship and kindness can help us live longer. 

Listen out for:

  • The Longevity Blueprint – What’s it all about?
  • The concept of ‘growing young’. 
  • How being a workaholic enhances your health.
  • How botox can shorten your life-span.


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About Marta Zaraska 

Marta Zaraska is a Canadian-Polish science journalist. She has written about nutrition and psychology for the Washington Post, Scientific American, The Atlantic, The Los Angeles Times, New Scientist, and many more publications. She is the author of Meathooked: The History and Science of Our 2.5-Million-Year Obsession with Meat which has been translated into Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Spanish and Polish.



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