For many, starting a business feels like a gamble. Tremendous sacrifice and hard work are socially accepted fast passes to success. In this episode, Eric Edmeades joins us to show you why this isn’t true. 

Join us for a powerful episode covering the key principles of starting, developing, and scaling your business while improving your financial and personal freedom.

Listen out for:

– How to create the perfect plan for your business freedom.

– The key to building the most effective teams.

– The importance of finding your flow as an entrepreneur. 

– What you should ALWAYS be doing in business.

– The secret to turning your passions into profits.


As a successful serial entrepreneur, Eric has started, bought, and sold many businesses in mobile computing, wireless networking, event management, military research, medical simulation, and Hollywood special effects. Eric Edmeades is also an award-winning international speaker, author, and pioneer in evolutionary biology, nutritional anthropology, and behavioral change dynamics. He guides people towards profound and lasting health breakthroughs through science-based protocols that deliver results far beyond the ordinary. His achievements have also earned him an award from the Transformational Leadership Council: a panel of 150 of America’s top visionaries in health, wellness, and peak performance. In 2017, Eric’s WILDFIT methodology was exclusively licensed to Mindvalley due to its dramatic effect on the health of over 100 Mindvalley team members.  

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