How can doing nothing bring you everything?

In this insightful episode, meditation instructor and life coach Tom Cronin reveals the number one thing preventing us from being successful, and how meditation is the key to overcoming it.

Tom shares how he spent 26 years in a ‘successful’ career in finance brokerage but decided to walk away from the industry at the height of his career to fulfill his mission of spreading calm and stillness across the globe—and why the world needs it.

Tom explains how because of the constant (information) stimulus and consumption of our modern world, we’re rarely given gaps to simply be. Be peaceful, calm, whole and at rest as we were intended to be. Stress governs our lives, but through the practice of meditation we can learn to reclaim the natural stillness, peacefulness and abundance of life which is our birthright.

“Meditation is going to be the key to our sustainability through the information evolution.”

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • The Science behind Stillness
  • The Law of Attraction and How to Use it to Attract Abundance into Our Lives
  • The Danger of Having no Gaps
  • How to Expand Our Consciousness
  • How Physical Manifestations Arise from Our Thoughts and Feelings
  • How to Take Advantage of Modern Meditation Access
  • What we can Learn From Monks
  • How we’ve been Carrying Around Someone Else’s Story (this is powerful)
  • How Meditation Makes us Successful
  • How to Live in a Constant Flow State

“Your story, your truth, is that you are abundant. You are universally abundant, you are creative, you have access to infinite creative potential. And when you unlock that in stillness, wealth in every area of your life will flow through you.”

Are you ready to discover the abundance of success waiting for you in the gaps? Don’t miss Tom share how to access it.

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