Ever feel as if you’re meditating “wrong?”

Constantly waiting for that blissful feeling to happen when you’re meditating but it never comes?

In this insightful recording, the monk who trained the cast of Dr. Strange, Gelong Thubten, reveals the ultimate reason why we struggle with meditation. Thubten shares his decades of personal experience with the practice and the 4-year retreat which completely transformed his outlook on life and catapulted his consciousness and growth to new levels.

Thubten explains how the harder we search for that happy, blissful feeling, the more dissatisfied, frustrated and depressed we can become. The lessons he shares from his immersive experience as a monk are powerful teachings that anyone who is wanting to evolve their consciousness and intellectual growth can instantly apply—and we don’t have to become monks in the process.

“Meditation has nothing to do with clearing the mind. It isn’t about switching off – it’s about switching on. It’s about waking up.”

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why It’s Impossible to Clear Our Mind While Meditating
  • Why Meditation is Not About Relaxing—and What It’s Really About Instead
  • Why We Should Keep Our Eyes Open while Meditating
  • Why Fear and Anxiety are Actually Our Friends
  • Different Styles of Meditation and How We Can Use Them Depending on Our Situation

“I think of it very much of friendship – friendship with your mind.”

  • How Thubten actually Became More Depressed the Longer He ‘Tried’ to Meditate
  • What Thubten Learned about Discomfort and Bliss after Becoming ‘Addicted’ to Meditation
  • How We Literally Have the Power to Create Our Own Experience
  • Why We Should Aim to Benefit All Sentient Beings
  • Why a Compassion Based Meditation is the Most Powerful form of Meditation (with the neuroscience to back it up)

“When we’re searching for that experience, we’re telling ourselves that we don’t have it. So at the same time, we’re looking for happiness and looking to feel good, we’re creating a deficiency. A sense of lack.”

Are you ready to expand your consciousness and discover how to bring make your meditation practice most powerful? Don’t miss out on Thubten’s insightful teachings and techniques to fast track your spiritual evolution.


Bonus: A short compassion-based meditation by Gelong Thubten, recorded live at Mindvalley A-Fest Jamaica. This meditation will help expand your awareness as we begin to recognize the power of our consciousness.

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How will your meditation practice change after listening to Thubten’s talk?

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