Meditation begins with compassion

Do you feel as if you are doing meditation wrong?

You keep pushing for bliss and you wonder why you’re not getting the benefits after a “good” meditation practice. Too often we’re advised to meditate to escape from something. What would happen if we stopped searching for happiness? What would happen if we stopped pushing away the pain and discomfort we inevitably will experience in our lives?

“When we’re searching for that experience, we’re telling ourselves that we don’t have it. So at the same time, we’re looking for happiness and looking to feel good, we’re creating a deficiency. A sense of lack.”
— Gelong Thubten

This talk by the monk who trained the cast of Dr. Strange, Gelong Thubten, is one that will shatter the illusion of any expectation arrived through meditation practices. You might be surprised how years of meditating could still lead any of us down the paradoxical rabbit hole of our own consciousness.

Highlights from the episode

  • Gelong Thubten explains why it’s impossible to clear your mind during meditation
  • What Thubten learned about discomfort and bliss after becoming “addicted” to meditation
  • The 4-year retreat which helped Thubten experience his consciousness and his ego
  • Why self-motivated meditation doesn’t work as well as compassion-based meditation

Here’s a short compassion-based meditation by Gelong Thubten, recorded live at Mindvalley A-Fest Jamaica. This meditation will help you expand your awareness as you begin to recognize the power of your consciousness.

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How did you feel after listening to Gelong Thubten’s talk?

Did his message resonate with you?

We would love to hear all about it. Share it with us in the comments section below.





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