Should you get in and invest right now or pull out and run for the hills?

In this Superhumans at Work podcast, we’re joined by an incredible woman of Wall Street; Shelly Lombard. With over two decades of experience, Shelly has a wealth of knowledge to share with you regarding the Stock Market, how the Coronavirus pandemic affects it and what to do next.

Listen out for:

  • The unmissable opportunities for investment during the pandemic
  • Why COVID-19 ended the Bull Market and what will happen next
  • How understanding the market now can help you by-pass a HUGE global recession

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Check out this blog by Shelly –

Why a decline in the stock market is a great time to start investing:

About Shelly Lombard

Shelly Lombard has spent more than two decades on Wall Street working at some of the world’s preeminent financial institutions, including Barclays, Citi, Drexel Burhnam Lambert, and Chase Manhattan Bank.

In those capacities she worked on some of the most high profile deals of all time including the KKR/RJR Nabisco LBO which served as the basis for the best-selling book: Barbarians at the Gate. In 2007 Shelly became one of the leading research analysts on Wall Street covering the Automotive Industry and was a frequent speaker on CNBC, Bloomberg TV and various other media outlets.

In addition to her market experience, Shelly has spent the past seven years as an instructor and trainer of Capital Markets where she has trained both new hires and experienced professionals at some of the world’s most prestigious Investment Banks.

She is a graduate of Columbia Business School and is a Visiting Teaching Fellow at the UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School.



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