‘If you do not respect your time and space, your children will not respect it either.’

Stuck working at home with the kids? It’s hard enough transitioning into remote work during the pandemic, never mind having to look after your children at the same time! In this podcast, we’re joined by mental health advocate and inspirational speaker Heather Chauvin to help you strike the balance.

Listen out for:

  • How to go about setting Healthy Work-Child Boundaries.
  • Why women and men approach parenting in different ways – and why kids need that.
  • What to say to your colleagues if you’re not coping well and are overwhelmed at home.

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Check out the Mom Is in Control Podcast here – http://heatherchauvin.com/podcast

For more information about Heather and her services, here’s the link to her official website – http://heatherchauvin.com/



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